World’s first interactive AR & VR battle metaverse powered by $DOGE

Embody your favourite crypto hero or a villain and fight it out for ultimate victory. Let the strongest win!

Cyber Arena is powered by BNB and $DOGE and supported by:

Cyber Arena Game modes

In the year 2154, a dystopian crypto-powered technology is in full force. The human species is locked in a ruthless class system.

Story mode

Each character has a unique story, play-through experience, and gaming life path. Upgrade characters and assist them in realising their personal vendettas or liberation goals.

League mode

Progress through the league divisions, climb up the ranking system, claim exclusive NFTs, tokens, and receive trail rewards at the end of each season.

Cyber Arena Game modes

The Roman Colosseum in Cyber-Punk style, with thousands fighting to death against the cybernetically enhanced people.

Tournament mode

Use a tournament ticket and pick various tournament difficulties and sizes with up to 128 players. Pick the one that suits you and start earning rewards!

Versus mode

Create your own fight proposal where you set the rules, or accept another fighter’s proposal and start duking it out for $CAT tokens... Winner takes it all!

Real time multiplayer fighters

Join the fight and pick one of the top fighters in Cyber Arena.

In-Game $CAT token utility

Utility of $CAT token is driven from gameplay perks and value from the Web2 and Web3 metaverse economy.

NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell NFTs and Boosters to enhance your Cyber Arena game experience.

In-Game Revenue

A portion of play and protocol income is used for Buy-backs: you can burn up to 25% or mint NFTs.


Stakers get up to 50% of market-bought tokens as rewards. LP staking weights 50% higher rewards.


$CAT tokens will provide holders with voting power for game design decisions.

Tournament Prizes

Join the tournament for a chance to win prizes where everyone has a shot at being a winner.


Receive $CAT tokens and unique NFTs as rewards for your skill and achievements in our game.



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