Real-Time Multiplayer Fights

Experience zero latency multiplayer fights for the first time in Web3.

Staked fights

Accept or create your own fighting proposal to battle other players in real-time for $CAT tokens.

Web2 revenue support

50% of our Web2 game’s earnings will be distributed to the Web3 game protocol to support liquidity, staking pools, rewards, and airdrops.

No Pay to Win Benefits

Skins and equipment don’t come with power enhancement benefits. Players need to rely solely on their skills and tactics to stay competitive in the rankings.

High Quality Graphics

Top-notch graphics have been a key area of focus. We’ll continue to upgrade and innovate our interface to provide the industry’s best visuals.

  • Real-Time Multiplayer Fights

    Experience for the first time on web3 space zero latency multiplayer fights.

  • Staked fights

    Accept or create your own fighting proposal and fight in real-time other players for $CAT tokens.
  • Web2 revenue support

    50% earning from Web2 game will be redirected to Web3 Game protocol, supporting staking pools, rewards, airdrops
  • No Pay to Win Benefits

    Skins and Equipment do not have power enhancement benefits. Players can completely rely on their skill and tactic in order to stay competitive on ranking list
  • High Quality Graphics

    Huge point has been set on graphics, we will provide you the best web3 fighting game graphics the world has seen.
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As conflicts between clans spiral out of control, tensions rise within the Syndicate itself.

    Mobile compatibility is essential for our player’s user experience to ensure easy access to all features without any restrictions, no matter which platform they’re on.

    Take a sneak peek at our first limited NFT collection, which includes NFT game access passes, limited in-game skins, and rare avatars.

    Buy and sell your Cyber Arena NFTs and in-game items on our marketplace to participate in our game’s economy and contribute to its growth.

    • Mobile Compatible

      In general, it’s all about mobile compatibility, something that will ensure that everyone who plays our game will be able to access all of its features without any restrictions, no matter what platform they’re playing on.

    • Genesis NFT Collection

      Take a sneak peek on our first Limited NFT Collection. Our First Collection Includes NFT Game Access Passes, Limited In-Game Skins, Limited Avatars.


    • Unique Marketplace

      Buy and sell NFTs and Boosters on the CyberArena marketplace and enjoy the game.


    Road Map

    Amazon Founded
    • Cyber Arena idea has been born
    • Game Concept
    • Set Goals/Team Assembling
    Amazon Founded
    • Team Assembled
    • Initial Website and Visuals
    • Setting Roadmap
    • Market Research
    • Game Developing (tech and play)
    Amazon Founded
    • Character Development
    • Various Game Graphics
    • Teaser Trailer Development
    • Development of Different Fighting Styles
    Amazon Founded
    • Development of Game Modes
    • Pre/Post Fight Animations
    • NFT Genesis Collections Preparing For Socials and Revile
    • Website V2
    Amazon Founded
    • Partnership Announcements
    • Sneak Peek into NFT Genesis Collection 
    • Marketing Push
    • IDO/INO Presale
    Amazon Founded
    • Closed Alpha Testing
    • Closed/Open Beta Testing
    • Web3 Game Launch on PC/Android/iOS with Starting Game Modes
    • Introducing Ranking / Squad System
    • Real-Time Multiplayer Beta Testing
    Amazon Founded
    • New Character Development
    • Implementing Real-Time Multiplayer Versus Mode for Web 3
    • Implementing Real – Time Multiplayer Tournament Mode for Web3
    Amazon Founded
    • New Limited NFT Collection
    • Real-Time Game Mode: LEAGUE Beta Testing for Web3
    • Real – Time Multiplayer Squad/Guild Matching System Beta Testing Web3
    Amazon Founded
    • Implementing Real – Time Multiplayer League Mode Web3
    • Halloween NFT Collection
    • Christmas NFT Collection
    •  Tournament Events
    Amazon Founded
    • New Character Development
    • Implementing Real – Time Multiplayer Squad/Guild Web3
    • Hosting major Tournament Events


    7 years of teamwork and 15+ mobile games created with 30M+ downloads.

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Nikola Paunovic
    Stefan Milojkovic
    Vladimir Ilic
    Lead Developer
    Djordje Dovedan
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Sasa Bogdanovic
    Chief Security Officer
    Uros Arandjelovic
    NFT Artist
    Srdjan Mitic


    Founder of DAO Maker
    Hatu Sheikh